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James Potter and His Adventures in the Muggle World

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(I think your effort is what mattered when it comes to your English, Anon! Plus, it wasn’t even that bad :) I hope you like it! I really liked this prompt.)

"-if you want to be a proper band, stop trying so bloody hard to be this bad boy image and focus on the music!”

"James, mate, what’re you watching?" Sirius asked, peeking his head into the hotel room from the connected bathroom.


"First off, this Sirius Black. Can anyone possibly be so loud and obnoxious? Same thing goes for that Potter boy! I mean, you’ve already got your microphones, you don’t need to be so loud!" James’ computer speakers were filled with the sound of a quite frustrated sounding female voice.

"You’re watching that ginger reviewer, aren’t you?" Remus smirked, gazing from the bed next to James’. "She is quite right, I suppose. The band shouldn’t be forced to be this bad boy-"

"No, Remus. We’re very much so bad boys. That ginger can take her head out of her arse-"

"Shuddup! I’m trying to listen!" James hissed, turning up the volume.

"-I see what you all mean, though. They’re all very attractive, and that’s probably where some of their fame comes from. I’m not trying to sound so judgemental, I guess I’m just into other kinds of music."

"Why do you watch her videos? She’s done 2 videos on us now. Insulting us each time." Peter shrugged, leaning against the wall while sitting on the floor.

"You can’t improve without hearing some suggestions." James offered as an excuse, not taking his eyes off of the beautiful girl on his screen.

"In other words, she’s a hot little thing and James wants to meet her." Sirius explained to the boys with a bark of a laugh.

"Shut up, when would I ever meet her anyways?"


"Remind me again why we’re at this thing, Marlene?" 

"Because ‘The Marauders Map' band is here and I need to get Emmeline's shirt signed for her birthday.” The girl next to the red head commented as they moved forward in line.

"Fair enough. But why am I here?” The girl asked impatiently.

"Because I want to see the looks on their faces when Lily Evans turns down their pickup lines." Marlene grinned.

"Oh wow, you’re Lily Evans?” Someone shrieked from behind them. Lily and Marlene both turned in the line, meeting the eyes of a teenage brunette who didn’t look any older than themselves.

"That I am." The ginger smiled. "A fan?" She asked curiously.

"Of course! I love your Youtube videos! Except the ones of the Marauders, of course. I’m in love with Remus." The girl giggled. 

"Oh well, it’s great to meet a fan. Hey, your music choice is your music choice." Lily smiled gently, continuing on a short conversation with the girl before turning back around, hands in her pockets.

"You just made her day." Marlene nudged Lily. "Smile! It’s unbecoming of you to frown."

"She’s not the only one who’s day was made." came the drawling voice of one of the lead singers. "Hello, beautiful." The long black haired boy winked at Marlene, putting his chair back on all fours and holding his hand out. "What’ll it be? Autograph? Photo? Your number?" He smirked.

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its hard to be attractive when youre not

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James and Lily

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all my jily week entries are going to be so late omg

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Olivia Dunham + blue

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live-love-fangirl-forever whispered: Hello Nai! I just wanted to tell you that your blog brings me so much happiness! It makes me happier that kittens, puppies, rainbows, and butterflies! You're an amazing writer, and your fanfics are always superb. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites on Tumblr, and you're one of my favorite bloggers! So thank you for all you do to contribute to the fandom and for always making my day better!!

omg that’s so sweet you’re so sweet aaahhh thank you!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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my talents include coming across as mildly interested in harry potter rather than entirely obsessed

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friendly reminder that if we’re mutuals and you wanna exchange snapchat names or instagram or something you’re more than welcome (encouraged) to shoot me an ask

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also an incentive to join: I’m lonely over there.

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how to make yourself sad

  1. think about the marauders

congratulations you’ve just made yourself sad

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thank you friend

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leviosahs whispered: a haiku about james potter's perfection


A haiku on James Potter:

Dumb angel stag face

Stealing knickers and my heart

You ruined my life

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